CONSULTdm - for all your CONTENTdm enhancement and customization needs

Services: Consulting, Programming, Web Mastery, Training, Digital Collection Wrangling

Looking to add features to your CONTENTdm installation? Are the basic templates just not doing it for you? Wish CONTENTdm handled video?

If you yearn to customize CONTENTdm to do your bidding but don't have a programmer on your staff you have come to the right place. CONSULTdm will work with your organization to adapt your digital library environment to suit your needs.

Contact CONSULTdm to plan your project now.

Who is CONSULTdm?

Josh Kline is a software developer with two years of CONTENTdm development and administration experience. He is proficient in PHP, the language used by CONTENTdm, as well as JavaScript, the language of Web 2.0. He is available for hire as a consultant to provide customizations and enchancements for your CONTENTdm instance.

CONTENTdm Users Wiki!

The CONTENTdm Users Wiki is a user created extravaganza of helpful information about using, customizing, and enhacinging CONTENTdm.